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Finalist of the MDEC/NACSA CYBER100 Programme. Twice.

Two solutions from e-Lock Corporation Sdn Bhd have been awarded Finalists of the National Cybersecurity Innovation Challenge (CYBER100) Programme, which has been initiated by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), in collaboration with the National Cyber Security Agency (NACSA), with the goal to seek solutions for industry-specific problems while promoting the creation of local innovative technologies. 

e-Lock-NEOMatrix-ARWARE (8).png

e-Lock Matrix Service

Finalist - National Cybersecurity Innovation Challenge Award 2019

The Matrix Service is a dual-layered protection solution to protect, recover and secure data, which consists of the combination of two e-Lock products: ARWare and ScanMyPage.

ARWare: A whitelist-based anti-ransomware solution ideal for countering modern malware and zero-day exploits.

  • Does not rely on malware signatures or behaviour

  • Instant blocking any known/unknown programs not in whitelist

  • Easy learning mode for non-intrusive deployment


ScanMyPage: A cloud-based website monitoring solution/service that offers an intelligent and reliable approach for tracking web page changes or tampering.

  • Monitoring of web pages based on overall page appearance

  • Learning mode to identify acceptable dynamic page regions

  • Ideal for detecting web page changes due to major hack or DNS hijacking

e-Lock-NEOMatrix-ARWARE (11).png

e-Lock DeepDetect

Finalist - National Cybersecurity Innovation Challenge Award 2023

DeepDetect is an enterprise data-level monitoring and response solution for system integrity protection, breach detection, analysis, visualisation and mitigation response.

  • Detection of system breaches by monitoring files, registry keys and decoy files for identification of known and unknown zero-day threats

  • Analysis and threat hunting with correlation of security event data

  • Visualisation and management via cloud-based console

  • Endpoint response with automatic data recovery, process termination and host isolation.

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