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A security posture assessment allows an organisation to easily assess the overall state of security and threats specific to them. This is achieved by analysing, testing and improving the cybersecurity risk strategy.


In 2011, Facebook announced that It receives about 600,000 cyber attacks daily. In order to keep their service running smoothly, Facebook has to always be one step ahead of the attacker. This is done by having a clear understanding of the current cybersecurity state and having a plan to mitigate the vulnerabilities.

Benefits of performing a Security Posture Assessment:

  • Have a clearer perspective on their current level of cybersecurity.

  • Recognise all potential security threats faced by the organisation.

  • Mitigate the risk of the vulnerabilities being exploited.

  • Enable C-Level Executives to make better decisions in relation to cybersecurity expenses.

How we perform a Security Posture Assessment:

  • Discussions with departments such as IT Security, Risk and Governance is performed to have an understanding on the current cybersecurity posture.

  • Threats are then ranked in accordance to the risk appetite of the organisation.

  • Develop an action plan in order to mitigate the threats.

  • Develop a tailored cybersecurity roadmap for the client to follow in order to achieve a better cybersecurity posture.

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