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Expert technical support services when you need it

Local On-site Support

IT infrastructure is such an integral part of any business operations that they have to be running 24x7x365.  Realising that most companies depends heavily on IT for their operations, our technical support services provides support to manage these security and network devices to ensure they are always at optimal operational level.   The key services include:

  • On-site visits for system configuration, troubleshooting and emergencies.

  • Phone and email remote support.

  • 8×5 or 24×7 service hours.

  • Available for selected security, network systems and devices.

Our 24x7 Global Technical Support Centre, based in Malaysia, provides support in English, Japanese, Mandarin and Malay languages.  Engineer on-site services are currently available in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Tokyo, Japan.

e-Lock - Technical Support Service

AHR Program

To provide companies with the assurance of uninterrupted IT operations, our technical support services includes a subscription program for “Advance Hardware Replacement”. In the event of a device failure, upon verification by our engineer, we would replace the unit with a replacement unit to ensure the continuous running of your IT operations.  With the THR program an equivalent replacement unit will be provided throughout the repair period of the original unit.   This program is available for selected network security devices

Subscription Renewals

All security and network  solutions may it be devices or software would require yearly maintenance renewals or subscription.  Our technical support services team provide you with the services to ease the cumbersome administrative work of handling maintenance and renewals:

  • Administrative handling of annual subscription and maintenance renewals.

  • Available for selected brands of security, network systems and devices.

Preventive Maintenance

Security and network devices or software would require periodic maintenance to ensure the smooth running of its’ operations.  The preventive maintenance would usually involve ensuring patches are updated, new definition updates, resource optimization and even firmware upgrade.   Our technical support services team provide you with the services to ensure your devices are always at an optimal level.

  • Periodic on-site preventive maintenance to ensure smooth system operation

  • Available for selected brands of security systems and devices.

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