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A cyber security breach is no longer a question of "if" but a matter of "when"

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Catch the first signs of intrusion or attempts to compromise your system with DeepDetect

As businesses demand to have systems and networks to be more interconnected for efficiency and performance, it is getting tougher for IT managers to keep up with threat management.

A security breach on one system can quickly escalate to affect the entire network.

DeepDetect provides continuous endpoint monitoring and visibility in a single view so that IT managers can remain a step ahead of these persistent threats.  

The 4-Step DeepDetect Approach To Comprehensive Security



Data feeds to A.I. engine to classify threats and learns to improve accuracy of threat identification



Scan files, process and registry to identify threats using advanced scanning engine and curated rule sets



Maps out correlated events based on: Offending processes, user account, timestamp and 

connected IP assets



Automatically recover tampered assets

How DeepDetect Supports Your IT Security Operations

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DeepDetect Video Explainer

Preview the latest in threat visibility and file integrity monitoring technology

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