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What Is Penetration Testing (PenTest)?

Simulating a cyber security attack within a controlled environment

To better understand your cybersecurity posture

To uncover vulnerabilities within the network

Determine whether current cybersecurity controls are effective

Why Do You Need To Do Penetration Testing

Dynamic security and regulatory landscape requires constant testing and assessment of your network and applications

Ensuring that your firewall rules are reviewed regularly is not enough

New vulnerabilities are being discovered everyday and you need to keep your defences updated

How We Perform Penetration Testing

Black-Box Testing

Simulating a random attack with no prior knowledge of your system


We deploy various security testing tools to supplement our manual assessment

External and Internal

Testing can be carried out either remotely or on-premise or a combination of both


Ensuring that mitigation steps are carried out and effective


For 22 years, we have been providing cyber security solutions, consulting services and security awareness programs to the financial, large corporations and government sectors across 6 countries (Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia).

If cyber hacking, ransomware and other cyber threats keep you awake at night because you are concerned that it may cause disruptions to your operations, damage your business reputation and risks the livelihood of you and your staff...then we can help prevent this from happening.


Or at the very least, mitigate such risks with the right proactive measures. 

Our Range Of Security Assessment Services

Security Assessment & Review

We provide a numerous types of testing and assessment:

  • Internal and external network penetration testing

  • Web application security assessment

  • Mobile application security testing

  • Phishing simulation testing

  • Security configuration review and advisory

  • Software development security review

  • Corporate security policy review

  • Infrastructure security design review

  • Security posture assessment

Risk Management & Audit

Our security consultants have extensive knowledge and experience developing programs that incorporate best-known methods recommended by industry, as well as methods we observe during our customer engagements such as:

  • Security audit

  • Certification advisory services

  • Regulatory compliance services

  • Security risk assessment

  • Integrated risk management

Vulnerability Management

Our managed Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing ( VAPT) services and security assessment services provides a structured approach to keeping your systems up to date.


We provide on-site and off-site managed vulnerability and security assessment services whereby we will monitor your IT environment for threats and remedial alerts.

Security Strategy & Policy

We help to create appropriate security architectures policies and procedures that would keep your business secure as it grows:

  • Enterprise security strategy

  • Security architecture

  • Security policy

  • Security procedures and guidelines


If you are not sure where to start, let's have a chat with us so that we can guide you along the way

If you have all the necessary information and just want to know the effort required to undertake a penetration testing exercise

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