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AI powered cloud-based firewall security analytics service that alerts you whenever bad IPs try to connect to your IT network.

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How can you possibly sieve through millions log entries to identify bad IPs?

As traffic to your network grows, so will the logs. Without a log analysis tool, it is humanly impossible to makes sense of these logs. And these tools are not cheap.

Security Information and Event Management system (SIEM) is great but complicated and costly

Unlike multinationals, most companies only rely on a few security devices to protect their IT networks, firewall being one of them. SIEMs are designed to handle large amounts of security logs from diverse security data sources for security monitoring and threat detection. In most cases, deploying it would be an overkill for small companies. And they are costly, difficult to set up and manage.


24x7 Security operations center (SoC) is expensive to set up and maintain 

Human intervention is needed to review threat incidents and take mitigation actions. Since SoCs operates 24x7x365, you'll need a team of security analysts working round the clock to keep your network secured. Unless your IT network is significantly large, investing in a SoC would not make business sense.

Plucking the needle from the haystack

Ai.FAS is a cloud-based AI powered cybersecurity analytics service that reads your firewall logs in real-time, picks out the bad IPs and notify you to take the necessary action to block them out of your IT network.

As a fully managed service, it is super easy to deploy and requires zero investment in hardware and software.

Under the hood, Ai.FAS comes packed with powerful analytics and algorithm powered by AI.


Log decoding

Reads and classifies the logs for analysis

4-Threat flagges events.png

Flagged events

Analysis of unblocked threat-flagged events

7-Indicator of compromise.png

Compromise alerts

Indicator-of-Compromise (IoC) verification

10-Dynamic publishing.png

Dynamic publishing

Dynamic publishing of bad IP lists to firewalls for automatic blocking

2-Real-time Correlation.png

Real-time correlation

Logs are correlated against local threat database

5-IP analysis.png

IPs and hostname

Analysis of top IPs and hostnames

8-Incident reporting.png

Scheduled reporting

Incident reporting with analysis and recommendation

3-Analysis threat-level.png

Unblocked event analysis

Analysis of unblocked events of significant threat-level

6-Blocked events.png

Blocked events analysis

Analysis of blocked events of significant threat-level

9-Monthly reports.png

Monthly reporting

Monthly reporting with analysis and recommendation

Analyse the logs automatically. Stop the threats.
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The difference is in knowing...

Ai.FAS brings to the forefront incidence of security breaches that would normally be buried within your firewall logs. 

Hotel lobby.png

Hotel network inundated with repeated probing from malicious bad IPs

Like persistent scam callers, these bad IPs keep testing their network. You block one number, they use another! Ai.FAS dynamic Bad-IP-Feed maintains a blacklist of bad IPs that allows their firewall to automatically block connections from them.


Quick onboarding and scaling to handle massive firewall log streams from a large university network

Over 2 billion events processed in a week, averaging 400GB of logs per day. 640 bad IPs were blacklisted and helped reduce potential cybersecurity incidents. Instantly reduce 99% bad IP connections.

Travel company.png

Discovery of stealthy Back Orifice backdoor connections in a corporate travel management company network over the weekend

Malicious threat actors have launched backdoor connections using an old but well-known remote access trojan (RAT) called Back Orifice. With Ai.FAS Bad-IP-Feed feature enabled, the firewall automatically blocked further connections from the bad actor and thwarted a serious breach which could have led to more devastating data theft and ransomware attacks.


Utility & infrastructure conglomerate received unexpected remote desktop connections on a Sunday

Ai.FAS alerted on several bad IPs connecting to Anydesk remote desktop software active on a few workstations. The IT manager was surprised that the affected workstations were even running during the incident which was on a Sunday.

 Stop the threats.
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