Have you...

  1. ...ever lost your data/files along with your stolen laptop?

  2. ...ever wondered if your private files could be accessed by a hacker?

  3. ...wondered whether your current cloud backup service provider could actually read the contents of your files?

  4. ...ever got locked out of your own desktop or laptop due to a ransomware attack?

  5. ...lost all your work files because your external hard disk failed or got corrupted?

  6. ...lost access to your files because you did not bring your external hard disk with you?

  7. ...forgotten to backup your most important files to your external hard disk?

What if...

  1. could almost immediately download your backup storage files directly from the cloud as and when you need them?

  2. ...your files remain permanently encrypted on your desktop, so that no one except you can read the contents?

  3. ...even your cloud storage files are permanently encrypted at all times - so your service provider can't even see the contents?

  4. ...all you need is either totally reformat your desktop or laptop or get a new device and then recover your files from the cloud storage to continue work without any fuss?

  5. ...your cloud storage has enough redundancy that you no longer need to worry about any hard disk failure?

  6. ...all you need is to download your files from your cloud storage- anywhere, anytime?

  7. ...the cloud storage service auto-sync all the files that you saved on your desktop to the cloud as a backup instantaneously?




INTRODUCING VirtualSAFE - an enterprise-grade encrypted desktop and cloud backup and storage service that provides a secure vault to store your sensitive business documents and work files.

Features At A Glance



VirtualSAFE automatically creates a folder on your desktop which only you can access with a password that you create.


You can make changes on-the-fly to the content of your files within the VirtualSAFE Vault folder. The contents remains encrypted. All the time.


Should your computer gets corrupted or infected by ransomware, you just need to reinstall VirtualSAFE on a clean computer. Enter your password to get back all your data securely from the cloud backup.




No one, not even us, can see the content of your vault, including file names. The encryption keys are generated outside our systems, ensuring only the key owner can perform password recovery and decrypt a vault.


create your personal vault

User creates a vault with personalised password. Anything that goes into the vault gets encrypted on-the-fly. 


drag and drop your work files

User can drag and drop files or work directly on the files in an unlocked vault. Simply lock vault when done.



Encrypted vault is automatically sync-ed to the cloud.

Nothing leaves the PC unencrypted.

How It Works In 3 Simple Steps

Cloud Plans

We reserve the right to, in our sole discretion, discontinue or modify any promotions, credits, free trial or other free offers anytime.


Please refer to our Terms of Service for more details.


Your Questions Answered Here

What is VirtualSAFE?

VirtualSAFE is an enterprise-grade secure cloud back-up service for your sensitive documents and files.


How does it work?

VirtualSAFE provides a secure encrypted drop box (we call it the Vault) on your PC/laptop where you can drop all your sensitive documents and it will sync automatically to a cloud storage. By storing your files in an encrypted Vault, your data is protected locally on your PC and in the cloud.


Which platforms are supported?

VirtualSAFE desktop client supports recent versions of Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS operating systems.


How is VirtualSAFE different from other cloud storage services?

Most cloud storage service providers do not offer client-side encryption that protects confidentiality of user-uploaded data. Some third-party solutions do offer client-side encryption but do not provide the means for user to recover data in event of loss encryption keys without exposing any information to the service provider. VirtualSAFE is created to provide a secure trust-no-one / zero-knowledge cloud backup service that provides user with self-recovery of encryption keys.


Can I access my Vault from multiple computers?

Yes, you can install VirtualSAFE on multiple PC/laptops, have access to the same Vault content and work on the files within from any of the computer. Since VirtualSAFE on each of the computers sync to the cloud, any changes effected on one computer will be reflected in the other computers as well.


Is VirtualSAFE designed for the consumer or business users?

We have plans suitable for consumer and business users. The method of storing sensitive files in an encrypted Vault offers strong protection against loss of confidential data. This is especially useful when used in business environment where mobile warriors carry laptops, which are prone to theft and accidental loss.

VirtualSAFE also provides a recovery feature, which allows business admin to administer a master recovery key to recover vault passwords for any user under the same business domain. This can help recover data in the event an employee leaves the organisation. When used in a single-user environment, the master recovery key is kept by the user.

How secure is VirtualSAFE?

Your Vault is protected by strong client-side AES encryption. Vault passwords needed to decrypt your Vault are generated locally on your PC and inaccessible by us. We DO NOT have the means to decrypt any encrypted content in your Vault or recover your Vault passwords.

What if my Vault password is lost or forgotten?

When you first sign-up for VirtualSAFE, you will be asked to generate a master recovery key using PKI technology. This master recovery key is never transmitted or stored on our systems. Using this master recovery key, you can recover the passwords needed to decrypt your Vault.

In a business domain with multiple users, a single master recovery key is generated, kept and administered by the VirtualSAFE account owner (business admin). Using this master recovery key, the business admin is able to recover any of the users' vaults under the same business domain.

What if my PC is stolen along with my Vault?

Without your Vault password, nobody can unlock your Vault. Your data is safe. When you have access to a replacement PC, just download and reinstall VirtualSAFE desktop client. Your Vault will sync back to your new PC. Enter your Vault password together with your Vault Restoration Code (displayed whenever you unlock your Vault) to unlock your Vault.


How do I restore my Vault without the Restoration Code?

You can recover your Vault Restoration Code using the master recovery key. In a business domain with multiple users, a single master recovery key is generated, kept and administered by the VirtualSAFE account owner (business admin). Please contact your business admin to recover the Restoration Code.


I have lost my Vault password, restoration code and master recovery key. How do I restore my Vault?

We designed the service to be of zero-knowledge to us. We have no means to recover your Vault.


Is this service a subscription-based service?

Yes. We offer a free plan (subject to our terms of service) for personal use and paid subscription plans for larger storage capacities.


Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, you can. Your subscription will continue to run till the end of the paid subscription period. If you decide to delete your account immediately, you can do so from the Profile page. Your account along with any stored encrypted Vault data will be deleted from our system.


Do you provide support?

Yes. You can contact our support team by filling up this FORM. Please note that support will be provided via email only.