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How You Can Use VirtualSAFE (Consumer Edition)

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Step 1

using your email address and the password.

Step 2

Click on "Generate a RSA security key-pair" to generate your private key. This is the key that you MUST keep safely stored because without this key you will no longer be able to access your own data. ​

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Step 3

A set of private key and public key will be generated once you select the "Generate a RSA security key-pair" option.

Step 4

Click on "Save Private Key", which will automatically download a copy to your PC / Mac. Store this information safely. Search for this text document in your "Download" folder. Without this "Private Key", you will NOT be able to recover your files.

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Step 5

The "Public Key" is randomly generated by our system. Alternatively, if you are more technically savvy, you may choose to upload or add your own version of RSA Public Key.

Step 6

Once you have generated the mandatory private and public keys, you can now proceed to create your unique VirtualSAFE Vault. Click on "Create User" and enter your email address. We will use your email address to send you the VirtualSAFE Vault installer.

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Step 7

You will receive an email from us with instructions to download your personal VirtualSAFE Vault. It is available for Windows OS and MacOS.  

Step 8

Once the installer has completed its setup, a pop-up screen will appear where you need to create a set of password which you will use to open your VirtualSAFE Vault.

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Step 9

You will also see the VirtualSAFE app on your task bar, which you can use to launch your VirtualSAFE Vault.  

Step 10

All you need now is to select your desired files to drag and drop into your VirtualSAFE Vault. A copy of these files will be sync-ed to your VirtualSAFE Cloud account. The files on both your VirtualSAFE Vault and VirtualSAFE Cloud storage will be encrypted.

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VirtualSAFE Video Tutorial

Check out the video tutorials below to know more on how to get our VirtualSAFE product on your PC Desktop:


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How to transfer documents to your VirtualSAFE vault




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