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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Managed Security Services

3 reasons why organisations should take advantage of Managed Security Services.

1. Speed To Value

One of the key concern of many IT Security Managers is the speed in which cyber-attackers operate. Not constrained by the normal corporate processes such as evaluation, procurement, implementation and testing which adds considerable time before an organisation can improve its security posture with a new technology, an attacker can make use of new attack vectors quickly.

Managed Security Services delivers on what many term as speed to value - tapping on existing cyber security skills, proven and working processes, ready skill sets and more importantly, tight integration with leading global security vendors. These capabilities can help to combat threats and achieve commercial or government compliance levels. They offer contextual cyber-intelligence that gives direction to investment priorities and risk management decisions.

2. Scalable Cyber-Intelligence

A competent Managed Security Service partner brings to the table the ability to make sense of the right external threat feeds, aggregating and correlating security event data and consolidating them into usable information for your business and recommending the right actions to take. This require the infrastructure, scale, skills and resources that many organisation find difficult to develop on their own - not to mention the costs involved.

Many organisations therefore seek an Managed Security Service partner that will work as part of their team to minimise risk, maintain availability and drive efficiency across their IT infrastructure. It's important that the Managed Security Service providers that they partner with invest in building knowledge and have relevant accreditations, so that customers have access to these skills without having to worry about how to find, maintain or retain them.

3. Achieving Continuous Compliance – A Dream?

Preparing and executing the growing number of industry or partner compliance standards and audits takes considerable time and resources - mostly competing for resources with day to day operational tasks and projects.

A Managed Security Service partner can typically offer a continuous compliance monitoring service and link with industry regulators to offer best practice guidance and practical advice for customers. Help can be provided to establish a compliance base line and agree the best way to monitor, manage and respond to event information in a specific compliance context.

These services contribute to maintain compliance standards – increasing confidence for businesses – but also provide empirical information which elevates the discussion around risk and future security priorities to board level.

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Your IT team are fully stretched to the limit? Why not have our Managed Security Services (MSS) team off-load some of your IT security responsibilities? Email for a appointment to present our Managed Security Service offerings and solutions.


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