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Cyber Security Threats and Mitigation: Video 1 of 4

-- Transcript --

Shadow Brokers - a Group of hackers who specialise in hacking NSA (National Security Agency), exposing hacking tools that were designed and used by NSA. These tools were then leaked out how these tools works. As a result, it causes compromise your corporate firewall, antivirus and Microsoft products. Indirectly, some of them use this technique to create ransomware.

A suite of smart devices hacking tools, code-named “Vault 7” was leaked by WikiLeaks, which included hacking smart phone tactics. Hacking is not just happen to IT system and network, it actually has come into our life, such as your smartphone, TV, Smart fridge. For example, there are fridges that can do online ordering. As long as you have something that are connected to internet, they are subjected to attacks.

Things they can do with your smartphones. They can do security surveillance, like they can listen to the audio of your calls, take over your camera, track your location, redirect your SMS, steal your contact information and launch a text use a botnet. These are things that Vault 7 covers. I took a slide from Korean website, which this lady is taking a selfie, not knowing that someone is actually surveilling her. Actually there are a professor in Japan who successfully analysed a fingerprint and reproduce it to do authentication, if the phone camera is close and of high resolution. So do not take selfie with your fingerprint exposed.

Your internet-connected Smart TV and car, is also subjected to hacking as well. You never thought about it but it may happen now, which hackers can blast the horn, prevent the car from shutting down, or you can shut down the accelerator and so on.

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