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3 Key Benefits of Managed Security Services

Companies are now re-evaluating their approach when it comes to cyber security - doing it alone no longer make sense, considering the speed and depth that cyber-attackers now operate.

By seeking external support from Managed Security Service partners, organisations can now leverage on these Managed Security Service partners to help cope with growing security threats and staffing pressures, while gaining a variety of operational and cost benefits.

What is a Managed Security Service?

Managed Security Service provides management, skilled resources and monitoring of security systems and tools. Common services include intrusion detection, virtual private networks, managed firewall, vulnerability scanning and anti-virus/malware protection services.

Managed Security Service can either operate completely in the cloud - by managing equipments that is physically placed on your company network, or offer a hybrid solution, by deploying staff on-premise as part of your organisation's expanded IT team.

Are your in-house security teams stretched to breaking point?

It is not common to see IT and security professionals struggle with internal resource shortages, dealing with complex technology, worries of data theft, and the increase of mobile devices in the workplace.

A Managed Security Service partnership has become an imperative for many organisations. In fact, working with a Managed Security Service partner is now considered a security best practice for companies needing better defence from the latest cyber threats.

In a 2017 Security Pressures Report, a recent study by Trustwave surveying 1,600 IT professionals from around the world, found that:

  • 34% indicated that extending security coverage against sophisticated threats is the most popular reason an Managed Security Service partnership is or would be used.

  • 31% of respondents do or would partner with a Managed Security Service partner to help compensate for skills shortages.

  • 33% say a Managed Security Service partnership would be used to help adopt, deploy and operate hard-to-use security technologies.

  • 83% plan to or already partner with a Managed Security Service partner.

Why Managed Security Service works?

The adoption of Managed Security Services can be a huge benefit for companies struggling with internal skills shortages and budget limitations – or for IT teams who simply have too many day to day tasks to adequately defend the company from security threats.

A Managed Security Service partner allows you to focus on running your business while ensuring critical assets are all properly managed and protected.

What are the 3 main benefits?

  1. Access to security experts and the latest security technology - Managed Security Service partners provides companies access to specialised, up-to-date security technology, and teams of seasoned security experts who can respond in real-time to an attack, protecting valuable company data and intellectual property.

  2. Increased flexibility & lower costs - Managed Security Services can help reduce associated costs with managing infrastructure in-house, and enable more effective security incident response. Providers can also deliver a more flexible approach to managing security by utilising shared infrastructure to help reduce costs, meaning more scalable services that can adapt to your company's changing needs.

  3. Improved confidentially, compliance and business reputation - Compliance requirements are a common pressure driving organisations to partner with an external organisation to manage their security. Partnering with a Managed Security Service partner can reduce your exposure to security threats and incidents, increasing customer loyalty, brand reputation, and stakeholder value.

Finally, remember, you don't have to do security alone. With cybercrime on the rise, a Managed Security Service partner can help extend your team, protect your organisation and optimise your security resources. The right partner can play a critical role in improving customer experiences, innovation, and stakeholder value, and take the pressure off your team.

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Is your IT team are fully stretched to the limit? Why not have our Managed Security Services (MSS) team off-load some of your IT security responsibilities? Email for an appointment to present our Managed Security Service offerings and solutions.


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