No Ransomware Shall Pass

We provide a service to identify and manage all your applications that are allowed to run within your organisation to prevent ransomware attacks

A ransomware attack is potentially disruptive to a government machinery and its operations.

Almost everyday, there are news of government bodies and utility companies being made victims of ransomware. You don't want to be part of that group.

Newer variants of ransomware would even steal your data - state secrets and sensitive documents.

They have already gained access to your PC or network. So why stop at encrypting your data for a ransom payment, when they can make extra profits by stealing your data and selling them to other hackers.

You need to go beyond anti-virus software and firewall to stop these ransomware.

By controlling the number of applications that are allowed to run within your end user's PC, you will be able to reduce the attack surface that ransomware can exploit.


However, with so many applications and distributed end users working remotely, ensuring compliance is challenging.


Now we have a way to easily manage this centrally.

Introducing The Matrix Service

A comprehensive approach combining software and our professional services to keep ransomware out of your network

Control & manage applications that are allowed to run within your network (whitelisting)

A secure cloud backup that keeps all you data safe. Fully encrypted so no one can read the contents.

A team of security experts to help you manage the entire setup of whitelisting applications

A powerful combination designed to protect your organisation from the threat of ransomware

ARWARE to lock down your critical applications (whitelisting) from being affected by ransomware.


VirtualSAFE, a secure and encrypted back-up for all your organisation data on both on-premise and in-the-cloud for easy recovery and management. The best part is, all you own the Master key to access and recover all these data (which are encrypted at all times) which even your cloud hosting service provider will not be able to access. 

Managing tens of thousands of PCs can be complicated and time consuming.

Our team of cyber security experts will help in monitoring and ensuring that only trusted and approved applications will be allowed to run in your organisation.

Having developed both ARWARE and VirtualSAFE solutions, we can respond faster to the ever changing cyber threat landscape to protect your organisation.

And no one is better at managing our own software than ourselves.


This service allows you to free your IT team to focus their time and resources on making the government machinery operate more efficiently rather than deal with daily ransomware threats.

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