No Ransomware Shall Pass

We help manage and enforce policies across thousands of PCs allowing only government approved software applications to run to prevent the possibility of a ransomware attack

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Together with the health care industry, governments are among the top targets for ransomware.

In the first half of 2019, governments were most often targeted by ransomware (27 percent of observed attacks), followed by manufacturing companies (20 percent) and health care organisations (14 percent) - (Trend Micro’s global threat intelligence network data)

Not only does ransomware disrupts critical public services, newer variants of ransomware would even steal your data - state secrets and sensitive documents.

They have already gained access to your PC or network. So why stop at encrypting your data for a ransom payment, when they can make extra profits by stealing your data and selling them to other hackers - especially sensitive government data.

A growing attack surface as governments adopts digitalisation.

As governments migrate more of their services online hence increasing the use of computers, each of these computers becomes a potential access point for ransomware.


Combined with the growth of connected networks - online payments, tax collections, traffic cameras, immigration, schools and many more, the potential attack surface that a government agency must protect has grown significantly.

The Matrix Service

A comprehensive approach combining software and our professional services to keep ransomware out of the PC and network

Control & manage applications that are allowed to run within your network (whitelisting)

Secure cloud backup that keeps all your data safe. Fully encrypted so no one can read the contents

A team of security experts to help you manage the entire setup of whitelisting these applications

The Matrix Service is a 3-step process designed to address these issues:

  1. Central management and enforcement to ensure only approved applications are allowed to be used by end users.

  2. Provide an automated cloud based encrypted back up for each end user for ease of data recovery in the event of a ransomware attack.

  3. Day to day management and technical support. 

An effective protection from the threat of ransomware

Managing thousands of distributed end user PCs and a range of applications is a complicated and time consuming task.

Most end users are easily tricked into downloading a malicious file disguised as a software update hence allowing ransomware into the network. And expecting them to be disciplined enough to regularly back up their critical files is almost an impossible task.


The Matrix Service resolves this complexity.

This service is a culmination of e-Lock's 22 years of experience in providing cyber security solutions and services to both the private and public sectors across 5 countries.

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