No Ransomware Shall Pass

Are you worried about malware or ransomware disrupting your business operations?

You should be. Almost everyday, there's news large or small companies, hospitals, government bodies and utility companies being made victims. No one is safe.

Do you know that newer variants of ransomware would even steal your data?

They have already gained access to your PC or network. So why stop at encrypting your data for a ransom payment, when they can make extra profits by stealing your customers' data and selling them to other hackers.

Why can't my anti-virus software and firewall stop these ransomware?

In most cases, it is not the technology. Rather, it is the approach used.

Introducing The Matrix Service

The Matrix Service is a two-tier protection approach of combining of software and

our professional services.

Tier 1: Leading Edge Applications and Data Security Solution

The combination of ARWARE to lock down your critical applications (whitelisting) from being affected by malware and VirtualSAFE, an automatic secured and encrypted back-up of all your business data on both on-premise and in-the-cloud.

The best part is, all you own the Master key to access and recover all these data (which are encrypted at all times) which even your cloud hosting service provider will not be able to access. 

Tier 2: Expert Cyber Security Service

Our team of cyber security experts will help in monitoring and ensuring that only trusted and approved applications will be allowed to run in your organisation.

A Powerful Combination of Man and Machine To Defeat The Threat Of Ransomware

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