The GRID Shield Pro – Protection Against Malware

What is The GRID Shield Pro?

The GRID Shield Pro is an enhanced version of The GRID Shield (which comes standard with The GRID solution). It is a powerful software for defending the user’s system against infection by Trojans and spyware. By blocking unauthorized copying and downloading of malicious programs such as keyloggers, user login credentials are protected from being stolen due to keylogging activities. Once installed, The GRID Shield Pro will block all known and unknown spyware from infecting the user’s system. A user can momentarily disable The GRID Shield to allow for authorized program installation.

Unlike other anti-virus or anti-spyware programs, The GRID Shield Pro does not rely on virus patterns and signatures. The GRID Shield will prevent any executable programs from being installed unless specifically allowed by the user. The GRID Shield Pro is highly robust and cannot be bypassed even for attacks which compromise system administrative privileges.



  • Blocks unauthorized program installation (including executable Trojans and spyware)
  • Blocking does not depend on signatures
  • Protects Auto-run registry entries
  • Blocks unauthorized task scheduling
  • Password verification for disabling protection