TheGRID BEACON is a new breakthrough implementation of a simple yet secure authentication & authorization services for Internet applications. By leveraging the growing adoption of smartphones, TheGRID BEACON mobile application and its supporting backend components effectively transforms a mobile phone into a powerful platform for an out-of-band, two factor authentication & authorization device.

Operating as a software application on a smartphone unique to each user, TheGRID BEACON sends a cryptographically signed token (a beacon) to TheGRID Authentication Server. These beacons can be an authentication request or an authorization request. Most importantly, the beacons sent over the data channel of the smartphone itself and physically separated from the original data channel used by the user to access the website.

TheGRID BEACON application is also simplistic in design. The user simply toggles a button to activate or deactivate a beacon. The complexity of the transmitted beacon is hidden from the user. TheGRID BEACON essentially gives the user a personal remote control to his /her online identity.


Secure ON-OFF access control – User’s registered smartphone becomes the“Remote Control” to allow or deny access to user’s login account. Fraudsters cannot login using stolen ID and password. GRID Beacon status must be switched to “ON” to login successfully. Automatic “OFF”feature for enhanced security.

Secure transaction approval – User’s registered phone is used for authorizing transactions. User can review the transaction data on the phone before authorizing it. Fraudsters’ transaction attempt will not succeed without user’s phone authorization.


    • Strong security – Defeats identity attacks like phishing, DNS pharming, Man-in-the-Middle and advanced Man-in-the-Browser.
    • Easy phone registration – User’s phone is used for additional security to complement ID & password. Simplyscan the QR code shown on screen by TheGRID Server to register.
    • Ease of deployment – Minimal integration with merchant’s existing web application. Cloud service available. No provisioning of additional hardware.
    • Low cost of ownership – No physical tokens or hardware to distribute to end-users. Cloud service option with no costly infrastructure setup, low maintenance and easily increase capacity as you go.
    • Value added features – Send service and marketing information direct to users via push notifications. Beacon can be integrated into many different applications including parental control, transaction signing and many other types of authentication and authorization control.

Supported Smartphones

TheGRID BEACON is initially developed for the two current market-dominant smartphone platforms; Apple iOS and Google Android.

What is a BEACON?

A beacon sent out from TheGRID BEACON mobile application to TheGRID Authentication Server is essentially a simple, short and secure HTTPS web request sent over an encrypted SSL channel.