Today’s technology enables modern businesses to operate with unprecedented efficiency. Top management demands real-time information and business intelligence to stay ahead in a highly competitive marketplace.

Gone are the days when board meetings are run with heaps of costly hard-bound meeting papers hand-delivered to senior management and directors. Sharing confidential and sensitive meeting papers over insecure medium like email is not the answer. SecureMeet is a unique cloud service platform for enterprises and public listed companies to securely share meeting papers & documents digitally.

Secured by e-Lock’s advanced file integrity protection and strong data encryption, SecureMeet takes care of your data security, privacy and access control concerns while you run your meetings effectively.

Turbo charge your meetings today


Strong security – your data is encrypted and protected at all times.

Accessible – Your meeting paper & documents are readily available, anytime, anywhere.

Collaborate – Upload documents, share data & collaborate with confidence.

Go green– Digital meeting papers allows significant printing cost savings. Skip board paper printing delays.

Take notes – Annotate directly on your iPad. No more loose notes and scribbling.

Start immediately – Bring your own iPad. No costly infrastructure setup and zero maintenance.