Are You Aware of What is Being Changed to your Data or Files?

Files and Data in any of your critical servers always need to be monitored continuously for any changes for any unauthorized changes. Any unauthorized changes to your file and data could means that your IT infrastructure could have been compromised.  This is an indication of a  serious security breach and that is why it is important that a file integrity monitoring solution is deployed in your servers.

With a file integrity monitoring solution you will constantly be in the know as to what is being changed, when it is being changed and if it is authorized or not.  For companies that requires compliance to PCI-DSS will need to install file integrity monitoring software in order to be compliant.  With this file integrity monitoring you can protect your file integrity and security of the data while providing you with a powerful audit tool

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Where Can One Implement File Integrity Monitoring?

Usually file integrity monitoring software would be used to monitor and protect files and folders where your “critical” data resides. Servers and files  that  contain sensitive data such as customers’ data such as credit card information needs to be monitored and protected for any changes.  Cyber criminal are always targeting to steal this type of data and they are always looking for ways to plant malware into these sensitive servers to steal the information.  As such with a File Integrity Monitoring solution you will be able to protect your sensitive servers from such attempts.   In most cases, you would also monitor and protect the following in your server:

  • System files
  • Configuration files
  • Application executables
  • Systems executables
  • Configuration files
  • Historical, archived, log and audit files