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Secure X-Change Overview

Secure X-Change is a revolutionary application employing the highest standards of data encryption technology providing both global and local secure file transfer. Secure X-Change’s ground breaking architecture and public key infrastructure ensures data integrity, confidentially and availability at all times. Point to point SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) file transfer coupled with Public Key infrastructure ensures not only secure point to point delivery but also protected local data storage. Public Key Infrastructure adds an additional layer of access control by validating the authenticity of data recipients thus upholding data confidentiality and integrity. The unique Secure X-Change architecture works behind the scenes to provide both online and offline data protection. All processes are completely transparent to the user yet ensuring only the highest level of data integrity. Windows explorer integration allows convenient data navigation and easy accessibility.

VirtualSafe Overview

VirtualSAFE is your secure data cabinet on your PC desktop. It mimics the real world physical safe, protecting your confidential documents with 256-bit encryption technology. Files and directories are automatically encrypted when they are dragged and dropped onto VirtualSafe. The only person who can open the safe and access the files is you, because you are the only person who knows the secret password to unlock the safe.


SecureMail is a user-friendly email composer that automatically encrypts mail messages and attachments before they are sent. It uses a 128-bit encryption algorithm to conceal confidential information as well as a 128-bit hashing algorithm to ensure data integrity. The encrypted mail is sent as a self-extracting executable file and therefore the recipient of the mail need not have SecureMail to read the mail content — simply double-click and enter a password to read the mail.

Locksoft-1 Enterprise

Locksoft-1 Enterprise protects sensitive information to ensure confidentiality and integrity. Encryption and hashing are based on 128-bit algorithms, and shared secret keys can be easily managed with a built-in master password book.

The GRID Shield Pro

The GRID Shield Pro is an enhanced version of The GRID Shield (which comes standard with The GRID solution). It is a powerful software for defending the user’s system against infection by Trojans and spyware. By blocking unauthorized copying and downloading of malicious programs such as keyloggers, user login credentials are protected from being stolen due to keylogging activities. Once installed, The GRID Shield Pro will block all known and unknown spyware from infecting the user’s system. A user can momentarily disable The GRID Shield to allow for authorized program installation.

Customized Solutions

e-Lock has helped organizations build mission specifc security systems to cater for their unique security requirements. Our customization service includes:

  • Design and development of a new security system from ground up
  • Security enhancement of an existing solution