Protecting Your Identity

Why The Need for 2-Factor Authentication

The increasingly rampant identity theft activities such as “phishing” have made the traditional password authentication inadequate.  This has led to unauthorized access to information, and in many cases, financial losses due to unauthorized financial-related transactions. 

Inadequate Solutions

Although there are numerous solutions available in the market, most of them are merely partial solutions to the problem, cumbersome to implement or too costly.

  • Question and answer challenge response is still vulnerable to phishing as user can still be simply tricked to reveal such information.
  • Server identification by displaying a known secret text/image of the user will still fail when there is a man-in-the-middle between the user and the server.
  • Token-based authentication (both hardware tokens and SMS-based tokens) is vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Client digital certificates and smart cards are strong authentication solutions but are also cumbersome to manage or costly to deploy.

What Does it Protects

   Online Banking

   Corporate Banking

   Online Merchants

How Phishing Occurs



TheGRID is a user device identification and authentication solution, which typical complements any existing access control authentication measures such website login authentication or transaction authentication.


TheGRID BEACON is a new breakthrough implementation of a simple yet secure authentication & authorization services for Internet applications. By leveraging the growing adoption of smartphones, TheGRID BEACON mobile application and its supporting backend components effectively transforms a mobile phone into a powerful platform for an out-of-band, second-factor authentication & authorization device.