Our IT security solutions reduces the inherent risks from cyber crime that comes with utilizing technology, ensuring systems and data security while automating your compliance requirements. Our offerings provides solution for continuous monitoring, data protection, real time incident detection, identity and transactions protection for organizations of all sizes and types.

Data & Infrastructure Security

When it comes to protecting your business from IT security threats, the current method of deploying external defenses is wholly inadequate. These defenses, usually comprising of external firewalls, IDS and IPS, are easily bypassed and to fully protect your business you will need to deploy a multi-layered security approach. Our IT security solutions augments your external defenses, reduces the inherent risks from cyber crime that comes with utilizing technology, ensuring systems and data security while automating your compliance requirements. Our offerings provides solution for continuous monitoring, data protection, real time incident detection, identity and transactions protection for organizations of all sizes and types. We provide solutions for:

√ Website Protection 

√ Server Protection

IT Regulatory Compliance

With ever-increasing sophistication of threats many industry has imposed regulatory compliance on businesses to protect them and its’ customers from cyber crime.  These regulatory compliance requirements or internal security mandates are placing increasing workload on IT security managers.  With our solution you will be able to automate IT compliance to minimize work load while  protecting your organization’s sensitive data from internal and external threats.

Integrity Audit

How would you make sure that the thousands or millions of files that make up your mission critical application have not been altered or manipulated?  Has someone changed any application program files or configuration for personal gains?  Do you know what have been changed and when in your systems?  With our solutions we ensures that you are always in the know as to what is going on in your systems anytime and in real time.

Stop Identity Theft

Identity authentication is the process of examining the genuineness of a claimed identity. In the case of a website authenticating the identity of its user, the typical approach is requesting the user to supply the user’s login ID and a secret password supposedly only known to the user and the website. However, the increasingly rampant identity theft activities have made the traditional password authentication inadequate. The common technique used is “phishing”, where users are tricked to divulge their passwords. There are also reported cases of “man-in-the-middle”, where the user’s login session is hijacked.  We in e-Lock have developed a 2-Factor Authentication solution that prevents all types of identity theft with a low cost of ownership, ease of management and implementation.

Stop Subscription Sharing

A paid online subscription web portal operates by providing online login accounts to its paying subscribers. However, quite commonly, the actual number of people accessing a particular paid subscription website is more than the number of its paying subscribers. This phenomenon is obviously due to the unauthorized sharing of a single subscriber account among multiple users with the intention of lowering the average subscription cost by sharing.  With our TheGrid solution we can help to your company to increase your revenues by preventing subscription sharing.