Customized Solutions – Bespoke Security Solutions

e-Lock has helped organizations build mission specifc security systems to cater for their unique security requirements. Our customization service includes:

  • Design and development of a new security system from ground up
  • Security enhancement of an existing solutions

Enabling Encryption, Hashing & PKI

  • Security building blocks for enabling cryptographic functions on third party applications.
  • Supports popular encryption and hashing algorithms such as AES, 3DES, Blowfish, SHA-1, MD5, CRC32 and more
  • All components can be written in C++ ensuring light weight and speed or JAVA for platform portability
  • Works with popular application platforms such as Visual Basic, C++, JAVA, ASP and JSP

Securing Transmission of Data

Built-to-fit solutions for protecting data during transmission:

  • Employs automatic detection of incoming files
  • Employs automatic delivery of outgoing files
  • Employs encryption and digital signature onto incoming and outgoing files.
  • Supports popular transport protocols such as FTP, Email, HTTP and other popular protocols

Securing Stored Data

Custom-made solutions for protecting files residing on a system:

  • Automatic and instant file encryption/decryption
  • Prevent removal of critical files and folders
  • Prevent changes to critical files and folders
  • Prevent reading of critical files and folders
  • Prevent visibility of critical files and folders